Highlight of our Visit to Nashville! Easy, less than 30 min drive from Nashville. Get ready for a look into The history of dark patch tobacco farming and much more. Jen will tailor your visit to suit your interests. Fun. Intelligent. And, a refreshing opportunity to learn more about what it’s looking like in this unique area. Great lunch at a local lunch joint. Very memorable. 

Louse, February 2020

Amazing view of the real rural Tennessee, hosted by Jen, a smart natural story teller who brought the history of dark patch tobacco to life, for us , while we rode around Robertson County, meeting her neighbors, local farmers and citizens of a unique area of Tennessee. It’s a must see for any visitor who comes to Nashville. I promise, you won’t be disappointed!! 

Kathy, February 2020

I would highly recommend heading out on the adventure that is Jennifer’s farm tour. The farmland of Cross Plains is captivating and learning the history of the region as told by the locals is such a unique experience. This farm tour is as entertaining as it is authentic; which for us included incredible activities like: feeding/playing with goats, investigating the art of stripping tobacco, eating a delicious lunch at the local “meat and three”, and even attending the weekly cattle auction! Jennifer is informative and fun, blending the two effortlessly to provide a top of the line guided experience. Don’t miss out on the lasting experiences that Jennifer’s Farm Tour has to offer!

Krystal , January 2020 Follow Krystal’s Travel Bog on Instagram

“We had such a wonderful time. Jennifer was an awesome host. She based the experience on what we were interested in. Super friendly and great stories. We learned a lot on our trip. And of course the goats were adorable! Would definitely recommend!”

Christy, December 2019

“We had the best time on our farm tour with Jennifer! She took us all over and had tons of fun stories and interesting facts that she shared with us. We saw cows, chickens and horses, as well as picked wild buttercups! She knew we wanted to see baby pigs, so she drove around to find them for us and really personalized the trip for what we wanted to do and see. I would recommend this tour for anyone visiting Nashville to see the other part of Tennessee!”


“Incredible experience! Jennifer was absolutely amazing and so friendly. She was so knowledgeable about all the different farms, crops and animals. She completely customized the experience based on what we wanted to see. Such a special experience that we would not have gotten without Jennifer. Highly recommend.”  ~

Xima and Kerry

“This trip was so worth it!! If you want the real experience of Tennessee country side and not only the touristy version of Nashville, this is what you should do!! Jennifer and her family is extremely friendly and welcoming! And shares stories about the area, their neighbors and their own life in a very fun and open way! You will learn a lot of interesting facts, go home with unique photos and memories for a life! Snuggle with farm animals, have the car towed out of the mud by a tractor, and drink Coca Cola with peanuts was some of the things we got to experience during our day! Recommend everyone to book a trip with Jennifer! :))”


“What a wonderful experience this was! Jennifer is an amazing person with great knowledge and life experience. She knows everyone in town and their stories, and she is also well traveled and highly educated. She brings all this to you with humor as well. If you want to get a close up look at some farms and understand the local culture, take this tour” Jaye

“This has been a highlight of our trip to the Nashville area. Jennifer was kind, knowledgeable, fun and easy to talk with. She knew everyone we talked with and knew the details of farming, history of all the farms etc. she was great and we would highly recommend her. It was like a family member showing you around town and introducing you to their friends”


Tennessee tourists are hungry for agrotourism

By Kristen Skovira June 22, 2019

The Townie Tourist –

Jenny Sharing From the Townie Tourist Paid us a visit in May 2019

Let’s Go on a Rabbit Circle Farm Tour By Jenny DeWhitt

When you think about visiting a new city or town, you might not always consider agritourism. But you should. It’s a fairly new thing, so new that my computer doesn’t know that word. Agritourism is touring working farms or ranches and learning about their agricultural operation. If you’re searching for this type of tour abroad, then it will most likely include or feature a farm or ranch stay. Here in the US, it is generally a tour of multiple farms in one day. That’s the beauty of it, you see multiple farms and get a feel for the people of a community and not just one farm. Read the rest of her article here …. The Townie Tourist

Jenny Sharing From the Townie Tourist
Jenny the Townie Tourist
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