What should I wear?

While we won’t be doing rigorous hiking, keep in mind that we will be visiting real, working farms complete with dirt, gravel and the occasional pile of animal manure. Leave your ball gowns and heels at home. We recommend comfortable clothing and sturdy shoes you can do some light walking in. If you’re visiting during the spring or summer, you may always want to pack sunscreen and bug repellent. 

Can I drink on the tour?

Yes, you can! In the state of Tennessee, it is legal for passengers to consume alcohol on our tours. Feel free to bring whatever you would like to drink. We can have coolers available if you don’t have one handy. 

What if we have special needs or requests? 

We will do our best to accommodate special requests. Please reach out before your tour to make any necessary arrangements. 971-400-6420

Does Rabbit Tours have an official Instagram hashtag? 

There will be many opportunities to take photos throughout your tour – and we highly encourage you to do so! Please use the hashtag #rabbitcircle when you share your tour photos on Instagram and be sure to follow us on IG @rabbit_circle. (We repost our favorites. So you just might see some of your photography pop up on our feed!) 

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